The Superior Technique

Physicians in Europe have been diagnosing and successfully treating lipedema for over 20 years using Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL, such as HD Lipo) and Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL) as part of their treatment plan – much longer than anyone in the United States or England.  Based on their research and experience, they have found that lymphatic-sparing liposuction yields the best results for lipedema – so much so that patients travel from around the world and wait as much as 18 months for an opening in the surgeon’s schedule to be treated.  Removing the fat cells is not enough; the surgeon also works hard to protect, assist and enhance the lymphatic system during treatment and healing.

What is lymphatic-sparing liposuction?

  • Is it a tool?
  • Is it a technique?
  • Is it a type of garment?
  • Is it skill?
  • Is it a system of care?
  • Is it different treatment types?

Yes.  It is all of the above.

The lymphatic-sparing technique is more than just the type of liposuction equipment used.  Winning a car races takes more than just a good car; it requires a skilled driver, experience, support crew, good supplies and care before, during and after the race.  Similarly, lymphatic-sparing liposuction requires a thoughtful gathering of tools and techniques for success.

Dr. Hagerty has brought lymphatic-sparing liposuction specifically for lipedema treatment from Europe back to the West Coast of the United States only at Premier Body and Laser.  In the Fall of 2019 he traveled to Germany for 1.5 weeks and trained daily with Dr. Josef Stutz.  Dr. Stutz is a vascular surgeon and one of the world’s experts in the diagnosis and treatment of lipedema having written many scientific medical papers and lectured around the world, including at FDRS.  Dr. Hagerty spent 12+ hour days in Dr. Stutz’s medical clinic learning about the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and optimal treatment of lipedema.  He also spent many hours in the surgical suite learning the liposuction techniques that protect the lymphatic system.  As a result, Dr. Hagerty has been able to bring the lymphatic-sparing liposuction program here to treat patients with lipedema.

Call our office now to learn more about lymphatic-sparing liposuction treatment for lipedema.  If you are not from the greater Spokane area, we can arrange a free private video conference consultation with Dr. Hagerty.

where our patients are coming from

Our patients come from all over the United States and Canada for our lymphatic-sparing liposuction treatment for lipedema.

A map of (the U.S. and Canada) where our patients are coming from

What is the lymphatic system?

Every cell in the body must be bathed and covered at all times in watery fluid to give the cell nutrition and prevent it from drying out and dying.  This extracellular fluid is continually refreshed, drained, collected and filtered by the lymphatic system and then recirculated into the blood.  The fluid is collected by a system of thin channels and tubes starting in the ends of the arms and legs.  These drain into gradually-larger ducts, passing through filters (called lymph nodes) to keep the fluid clean from infection, and then lead to the center of the body.  Damage to this lymphatic system creates risk for infection later in life and more commonly causes permanent problems with the fluid not draining back in to the center of the body.  This causes swelling of the arm or leg called lymphedema.  A common example of damaged lymphatics is a woman who had a mastectomy with lymph node resection in the armpit due to breast cancer.  Because the lymphatic system was damaged, they often have permanent swelling in that arm for the rest of their life.  In a similar way, when treating lipedema with liposuction it is very important to protect and strengthen the lymphatic system to avoid more swelling in the future.