All Natural Fat Transfers

Until now, all other body sculpting and fat removal methods destroyed the fat cells to shape the body. Today, Premier Body and Laser is offering fat transfer treatment that utilizes the latest technology to enhance your body with your own fat cells, avoiding plastic or silicone. With HD Liposuction’s vibration technology, we can safely and gently remove unwanted fat from many areas of your body. Using a sterile system, the harvested fat is concentrated and then skillfully inserted into your breasts or bottom. The fat cells are very hardy and once moved to a new position in your body, they recruit nearby blood vessels for nutrition and then stabilize at their new location for life. It is the best of both worlds: Take it from here and move it to there! As a result of your fat transfer, you can enhance wanted curves in your body without using silicone or saline implants, fillers or plastics. The result is an all-natural appearance and feel that is permanent.

Enhance Your Natural Features

Take it from here and move it to there!

Breast Augmentation

Many women desire to have either larger or more fuller breasts. By using fat harvested from other areas of your body, making you look slimmer in those areas, we can move your fat to your breasts to gain a cup size, and even fill out the upper part of breasts so they have their round and full appearance. All of this is accomplished without the use of artificial plastics or silicone. Our breast augmentation specialists will move your fat to your breasts, giving you a rounder, fuller, more youthful appearance.

Asymmetrical Breast Correction

Some women have one breast slightly to moderately larger than the other. Until now your only corrective options were to have an implant placed in one breast or to have the other breast quite invasively reduced, resulting in ongoing, corrective surgeries when your weight fluctuates, you bear children and as you age. We feel we have the far superior solution. We can simply and artistically move fat from your own body to naturally even the breasts out with the added benefit of slimming other areas. As a result, regardless of weight fluctuation, child bearing or advancing age your breasts will remain symmetrical.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Do your pants frequently slide down? For this reason, women and men have been taking advantage of the BBL for years. Up until now, people with very flat bottoms could only use plastic or silicone implants to add volume and shape to their bottoms. This resulted in a lifelong, unnatural feeling every time they sat down. As part of our fat transfer procedure, Premier Body and Laser uses our HD Liposuction equipment to perform the BBL and restore the natural look and feel of a round bottom. After removing unwanted fat from other areas of your body, like your abdomen, the fat is then placed in your buttocks with precision, through small, stealth incisions in skin folds. Your shape is enhanced in a permanent, natural manner.

All Natural Fat Transfers Before and After

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