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At Premier Body and Laser, we permanently shape smooth, gorgeous bodies by trimming down unwanted areas of fat as well as using your body’s own natural tissue to enhance other desired areas. Dr. Hagerty, a board certified physician, uses only the latest, revolutionary technologies to achieve superior results with his body sculpting treatments.

Superior Results

Stubborn Fat Deposits

Many people have fatty deposits that do not respond to weight loss or exercise. Despite intense workouts, long hours at the gym, a healthy eating plan, or the energy you expend, there can still be areas of stubborn fat that won’t improve or go away. If this sounds at all like you, then you can benefit from our high definition liposuction, fat transfer, and body sculpting services.

Exclusive Vibration Technology Makes All the Difference

Premier Body and Laser leverages an exclusive technology at our body sculpting clinic. High definition liposuction harnesses the power of vibration to minimize tissue strain while maximizing fat removal. In the layer of fat between your muscle and skin there is a web of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue that gives your skin important shape, support and strength. The tissue can easily be damaged or compromised with other body sculpting methods such as lasers, ultrasound, freezing, and heating. These other methods destroy the tissue and then either suck out the debris or wait for your body to absorb and eliminate the debris. In contrast, our FDA-approved technology is revolutionary. With the use of vibration, we gently remove the fat and protect the underlying supportive connective tissue to get better results. In fact, our tools are so gentle that 95% of the fat survives and is viable tissue.

Viability means more options

Since the fat cells are still alive and healthy (viable) due to our gentle extraction process we can move the fat to other parts of your body if you want us to. We can take the fat from this part of your body and move it to that part of your body!

Benefits of Vibration

Definition Liposuction Technological Advantage:

Liposuction Vibration

Treatment Areas

Abdomen & Flanks

These two areas are so important and visually linked together that commonly we treat them both at the same time as an ‘aesthetic unit’. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you likely will see that if one of those areas is holding a little extra fat, the other area is too. This gives Dr. Hagerty the ability to shape or ‘sculpt’ the waist to a nice, smooth, flat finish removing the fat.

Women – With age, genetics and childbirth, women can easily lose their beautifully natural curves. This is the most common area our clients want thinned and trimmed, to reveal a more youthful body. During your body sculpting procedure, Dr. Hagerty will highlight the lines of the abdomen, accentuating the muscles, while trimming the waistline and flanks to bring back the shape you love.

Men – Age, genetics and lifestyle can soften the solid, masculine body and take away the natural V shape that women love, leaving the love handles and hiding the six-pack. Dr. Hagerty can remove that excess fat, revealing your abdominal muscles while also reducing your waist and greatly improving your shape.

Lower Body

Everyone has their ‘problem area’ that no amount of exercise and proper eating will remedy. Doing hundreds of squats a day, running, walking or bicycling will increase your muscle mass in your legs and give you great cardio, but for many people nothing will trim the extra stubborn fat that sits on your lower body. Dr. Hagerty will listen closely to you and together a plan will be made to shape your legs to match your goals.

Inner Thighs – When treating the inner thigh, Dr. Hagerty reduces areas of fat in the upper and inner thigh area, commonly referred to as the thigh gap, and follows all the way down to the inner knee which is another highly problematic area for many people. Inner thigh also includes the back of the upper legs directly beneath the buttocks, commonly called the banana roll.

Outer Thighs – The outside of the thigh most commonly called the saddle bag, can also extend up to the side of the buttocks region, or the side of the hip. Dr. Hagerty can treat this area and restore a gorgeous silhouette. 

Upper Body

Back and Bra Fat – The upper back and bra line are two of the most difficult areas to shape on your own through diet and exercise. You will be happy to know that the back is one of the best areas for liposuction. Dr. Hagerty can easily remove the fat in these tough areas, removing those difficult bra bulges to enhance your other gorgeous curves!

Arms – Many people feel toned and slender arms are part of a beautiful physique. Upper arms that have excess fat or are saggy in appearance are challenging to correct through exercise. In the past, the only option was invasive cosmetic surgery that left a long scar along the bottom of the arms. Instead, we can reduce these localized pockets of fat in the upper arm region with no visible scars. Our procedure will tighten the skin and smooth the shape of the upper arm to get the shape you have always wanted. Go ahead and buy that tank top.

Male Chest / Pec Reduction – Excessive fat in the male chest, as well as enlarged male breasts known at gynecomastia, can be a troubling spot for men. Dr. Hagerty can provide a clean, flat, muscular male chest with very little down time.

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